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Business Banking for smart entrepreneurs

Efficient Banking

HYPO NOE Business offers an efficient business banking solution for your company. Our web-based client is secure and available 24/7.

Manage your business accounts swiftly. Gain access to a wide range of functions, transfer large amounts of data. You can sign orders simultaneously with the "VEU - distributed electronic signature". Use our HYPO NOE Business App for location independent signatures.

HYPO NOE Business also supports the integration of international accounts via EBICS and is based on modern encryption.

HYPO NOE Business Banking (HB)

Innovative Banking

HYPO NOE Business Banking is the main interface to your company's finances. Have access to account movements on a daily (CAMT53) and intradaily (CAMT52) basis. Send transactions and receive immediate feedback via status codes.

Smart business banking solution

In HYPO NOE Business the user can freely configure columns so only information is shown which is relevant to the user.
The application also adjusts to the user's screen resolution settings. Filtered data can be exported as PDF or CSV files. Payment data carriers can be imported as XML and CSV files.

Base functions include:

  • SEPA Credit Transfer (CCT)
  • Urgent SEPA Credit Transfer (CCU)
  • International Payments (ATF and XCT)
  • Tax Payments (CCT)
  • SEPA Direct Debit Core (CDD)
  • SEPA Direct Debit B2B (CDB)
  • Periodic orders
  • Standing orders

We are happy to put together the perfect solution tailored to your needs.
Please contact your account manager for more detailed information.

HYPO NOE Business App

Check your company's financial status and sign orders on the go.
The introduction of our new EBICS-based HYPO NOE Business App offers many advantages.

Functions include:

  • Distributed electronic signature (VEU) allows for location independent signation
  • Account overview with detailed information
  • Signature folder with current payment status
  • EBICS logs are provided by our banking server
  • EBICS-key-management: Set up, activate and change your user id directly in our app

The App is available for iOS and Android

The Hypo NOE Business App is available on the App Store and on Google Play.
Your account manager will provide you with the initial password (QR-Code) for the first login.

Manage your finance platform

In HYPO NOE Business you can actively manage user permissions. Make sure that accounts and account information is only visible to authorized employees.
Available rights include:

  • administrator
  • authorized signatory
  • order creation rights, no signation
  • viewing rights only

International banking solution

European bank accounts can be easily implemented If they support the EBICS interface. Orders may be signed location-independently with the VEU. Manage cross-border remittances easily and swiftly. The cross-border multibanking capability is an integral part of our businesss banking solution, it aims to support and improve the business activities with external partners significantly.

HYPO NOE Business Banking - strenghts and features

  • web-based software, gain access from different devices
  • european bank accounts can be implemented easily If they support the EBICS interface
  • updates and backups will be provided automatically
  • import several XML files via drag and drop
  • large data volumes are transmitted quickly and directly
  • the latest encryption methods ensure a high level of security
  • location independent signatures (VEU)
  • grant different privileges to different users
  • HYPO NOE Business is multi-lingual (german, english, french, spanish, italian)
  • HYPO NOE Business supports national and european payment traffic formats
  • 68+ order types are available

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